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MkDocs for OCX CCM

Author: Phil Barker

Date: 18-25 Jan 2019

Exploring some extensions to the material theme for mkdocs that look like they might be useful for Curriculum Content and Materials (CCM).

Leading to creating a plugin and derivative of the material theme for handling OCX metadata (or just metadata) embedded in CCM markdown.

I'm also experimenting with documenting my work as I go using MkDocs, it's a bit like what those jupyter notebook guys do--which is what you see here.

MkDocs setup

First set up mkdocs (in a python venv, in project directory Projects/mdmkdocs)

$ virtualenv -p python3 venv
$ source ./venv/bin/activate
(venv)$ pip install mkdocs
(venv)$ pip install mkdocs-material
(venv)$ pip install pymdown-extensions
(venv)$ mkdocs new test
(venv)$ cd test
(venv)$ mkdocs serve &

edit mkdocs.yml to use the material theme and try some options from that theme.

site_name: Testing extensions in mkdocs
  name: material
    primary: 'indigo'
    accent: 'deep orange'
    text: 'Open Sans'
    code: 'Ubuntu Mono'
    icon: 'insert_emoticon'
  language: 'en'
  direction: 'ltr'